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Mail Order Medication Distribution for Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living

Nursing homes rely on their pharmacy for regular deliveries of medications to ensure that residents have the right drug, for the right person, at the right time. Reaching some nursing homes is often difficult due to remote locations or lack of proximity to a choice LTC pharmacy services provider. Now, you can get the full value of Millennium's advanced medication system, and superior pharmacy services, regardless of your location with our new mail order solution, MillenniumConnect™.

Reliable Mail Order Medication Delivery with MillenniumConnect

Millennium can now provide residents' medication needs via mail service, directly to your nursing home or assisted living community, delivered by a reliable next-day carrier. Medication orders received by our pharmacy by 2:00 pm weekdays, and noon on Saturdays, will be included in the shipment to arrive the next delivery day.* Routine oral solid medications are delivered in our ultra-convenient compliance pouch packaging. Refills are delivered in 3- and 4-day supplies, respectively. Coupled with Millennium's customized In-House Pharmacy system, which holds the medications most commonly needed for STAT and starter-dose prescriptions right in your facility, nurses have what's needed to provide prompt, safe medications to residents. In addition, Millennium has access to a national network of retail pharmacies to provide emergency medications that may not be available in the In-House Pharmacy system.

Far Away, Yet Always Connected to Your Pharmacy

Being in a distant setting doesn't mean you can't be connected to a world-class medication management system and pharmacy services provider. Improving care, managing costs, and enhancing compliance are possible with Millennium's unique combination of ordering, delivering, administering, and reporting using technology to connect nurses and administrators to the pharmacist and pharmacy, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With MillenniumConnect, you aren't limited to traditional pharmacy models that challenge your ability to: ensure safe medication management, control medication costs, and reduce risk with complete, accurate documentation.

*Next delivery day is the next day excluding Sundays following the date of the order being placed before cut-off time. Saturday by noon orders will be delivered on the following Monday.

Is Mail Order Medication Delivery Right for You?

Mail service delivery of medications isn't for every nursing center or assisted living setting. However, certain communities can quickly see the benefits of being able to use a world-class medication management system coupled with mail-order delivery of medications. Beyond physical distance from one of Millennium's pharmacy locations, your facility may be right for MillenniumConnect if you:

  • Are a skilled nursing facility, of any size, with longer lengths-of-stay
  • Are an assisted living community looking to offer distinctive advantages to residents and their families with the convenience of on-site delivery and administration tracking
  • Have very few, or no, short-stay residents