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Dispensing Pills is No Longer Enough - Learn how to provide necessary care by reducing medications

"My day is still crazy, but with Millennium I'm spending more time attending to patients and much less time on paperwork."



Ordering, delivery, administration, recording, billing and reporting are easier and more efficient.

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With Millennium, your staff spends more time caring for patients and less time managing paper. Ordering, delivery, administration, recording, billing, and reporting are easier and quicker. Only Millennium combines Just-In-Time Dispensing with electronic prescription ordering, formulary management, medication and treatment administration, and corresponding medical records.

Ordering Medication, Treatment, and all Clinical Care Services

Millennium Pharmacy Window guides doctors, nurses, and other authorized staff through quick electronic ordering of medication, treatment, and any clinical care services provided to patients (e.g., diet, therapy, labs). Pharmacy Window replaces time-consuming back-and-forth phone calls and faxing with fail-safe, step-by-step guidance and alerts, including instant prompting and answers for Medicare Part D formulary compliance and instant and automatic (based on facility-approved policies) therapeutic interchange alternatives. Learn more about the Pharmacy Window.


Millennium replaces frustration, inefficiency, and waste with responsiveness, efficiency, and cost savings. Only Millennium delivers timely and accurate 3-4 day medication quantities to your facilities through Just-In-Time Dispensing. With Just-in-Time Dispensing, your patients have the right drug at the right time and your organization is not exposed to the financial risk and unnecessary administrative burden of dealing with unused dispensed quantities. The pharmacy automatically connects with electronic prescription order entry so you can be assured your orders are accurate and timely. And, medication is delivered the way you are organized (by floor, by nursing station, etc.) and packaged in patient-specific, bar-coded Med-Pass packs. Learn more about Millennium's pharmacy services.

Administering Medication and Treatment

Millennium Pharmacy Bedside guides authorized staff through quick and efficient electronic medication and treatment administration and documentation of all clinical events performed. Pharmacy Bedside replaces time-consuming and potentially unsafe medication administration with fail-safe, step-by-step guidance and alerts. The electronic Med-Pass and bar-coded patient Med-Pass packs guide nurses through administering and documenting medication and treatment, ensuring each patient gets the right drug at the right time. Learn more about Pharmacy Bedside.

Managing and Reporting

Millennium Pharmacy Reports and Records Desk replaces today's manual reporting and records system with instant access to reports on key quality, cost, care, compliance, and patient information. Authorized staff gets what they need when they need it - summary and detailed reports and timely alerts critical to running a long term care organization. Learn more about Pharmacy Reports and Records Desk.