Finally, a pharmacy service that delivers on the promise.™

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"With cost pressures the way they are today, we have found an effective partner in reducing costs while improving efficiencies and productivity."

Norman Snowberger, CFO, Lorien Health Systems


The bottom line - Most pharmacy services have not been able to deliver on the promise of The Right Drug, for the Right Patient, at the Right Time, for the Right Price.

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The Challenge - Balancing Care, Cost, and Compliance

Long term care organizations-no matter the size or whether they are profit or non-profit-are facing daunting challenges. All are trying to provide the best patient care, recruit and retain quality staff, and comply efficiently with state and federal regulations, while managing costs.

The right pharmacy service has a significant impact on reducing cost, improving patient safety/care, and reducing the compliance burden. Yet the majority of long term care organizations do not have the right pharmacy service in place and are suffering as a result.

Finally, a Pharmacy Service that Delivers on the Promise

Care, Cost and Compliance

A pharmacy service must be your partner in reducing cost, enabling better clinical and financial outcomes, and improving staff productivity and satisfaction. A pharmacy service must be easy to do business with and a seamless part of your organization's operations. To that end, we provide Millennium's pharmacy services for Care, Cost, and Compliance.

Millennium replaces frustration, inefficiency, and waste with responsiveness, efficiency, and cost savings. We deliver on the promise of "the right drug, for the right patient, at the right time, for the right price" so you can deliver the best patient care while reducing costs, improving efficiency, and more easily meeting compliance demands.

Only Millennium combines Just-In-Time Dispensing with electronic prescription ordering, formulary management, medication and treatment administration, and corresponding medical records. Millennium connects you to experts 24 x 7, assuring easy transition and efficient communication from day one. And, because of our relentless dedication to quality and consistency, Millennium guarantees delivery timeliness and medication accuracy.

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The Challenge

"My day? I'm the person trying to answer a physician phone call, respond to a call bell, keep a patient from falling out of their wheelchair, and making sure my paperwork is complete.all while trying to remember to administer the 9 am meds and in what order!"

The Challenge

"Yes, patient care is our number-one priority but I need a better way to manage costs and improve my margins."

The Challenge

"My staff spends way too much time preparing for the next survey. Making sure all the documentation is complete and accurate is like herding cats."

With Millennium

With Millennium, your staff spends more time caring for patients and less time managing paper. Ordering, delivery, administration, recording, billing and reporting is easier, quicker and more efficient.

"My day is still crazy, but with Millennium I'm spending more time attending to patients and much less time on paperwork."

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With Millennium

Millennium enables long term care organizations to reduce waste and returns, minimize inventory, improve cash flow, and benefit from unmatched savings.

  • Reduce Medicare Part D non-covered medication expenses by 95%
  • Reduce patient per day drug expense by up to 30%
  • Reduce drug costs by up to 25% with Millennium's facility-specific Therapeutic Interchange Program
  • Improve cash flow, reduce inventory by up to 27 days
  • Eliminate costly billing reconciliation services
  • Improve cost predictability

"With cost pressures the way they are today, we have found an effective partner in reducing costs while improving efficiencies and productivity."

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With Millennium

Millennium helps you improve or maintain your Five Star Quality Rating more efficiently because surveys go more smoothly and deficiencies related to documenting patient care are eliminated.

Millennium replaces manual paperwork with easy-to-use electronic documentation that guides your staff every step of the way from ordering and administering medication, to keeping patient records, through recording outcomes and measuring quality. With an automatic audit trail and easily accessible reports, there's no more incomplete, inaccurate documentation.

"We have not had one deficiency since we started using Millennium."

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