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Pharmacy Services

"[We] saved a million dollars moving to Millennium over the traditional pharmacy."

Louis Grimmel, CEO, Lorien Health Systems


All of Millennium's services and products are automatically connected, ensuring all medication and clinical care activities are accurately ordered, executed, and documented.

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Services Overview

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A pharmacy service must be your partner in reducing cost, enabling better clinical and financial outcomes, and improving staff productivity and satisfaction. A pharmacy service must be easy to do business with and a seamless part of your organization's operations. To that end, we provide Millennium pharmacy services for Care, Cost, and Compliance.

Millennium replaces frustration, inefficiency, and waste with responsiveness, efficiency, and cost savings. We deliver on the promise of "the right drug, for the right patient, at the right time, for the right price" so you can deliver the best patient care while reducing costs, improving efficiency, and more easily meeting compliance demands.

Only Millennium combines Just-In-Time Dispensing with electronic prescription ordering, formulary management, medication and treatment administration, and corresponding medical records. With Millennium, you are connected to experts 24 x 7, assuring easy transition and efficient communication from day one.

No Software to Install. No IT Burden.

Millennium's pharmacy systems can be implemented as a turnkey solution with no software to install and no additional IT burden.

Integrates with Other Systems.

Millennium's pharmacy systems integrate with ADT (admissions, discharge, and transfer), financial, billing, MDS, and other clinical systems using industry standards such as HL7.