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"With Millennium's In-House Pharmacy, I've got immediate access to up to 350 medications in my facility. Whether it's a starter or an emergency dose, I know I'm covered, no matter what time or day it is."

Director of Nursing


Only Millennium delivers timely and accurate 3-4 day medication quantities to your facilities through Just-In-Time Dispensing.

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Just-In-Time Dispensing

Millennium replaces frustration, inefficiency, and waste with responsiveness, efficiency, and cost savings.

Only Millennium delivers timely and accurate 3-4 day medication quantities to your facilities through Just-In-Time Dispensing. With Just-In-Time Dispensing, your patients have the right drug at the right time and your organization is not exposed to the financial risk and unnecessary administrative burden of dealing with unused dispensed quantities. Learn more...

Millennium Manage and Report

In-House Pharmacy

Only Millennium complements 3-4 day medication quantities with the Millennium In-House Pharmacy-an automated, self-service dispensing system located in your facilities. The In-House Pharmacy is stocked with up to 350 SKUs to meet immediate patient medication needs no matter the time or day.

Bar Coded Med-Pass Packs™

Medication is delivered the way you are organized (by floor, by nursing station, etc.) and packaged in patient- and Med-Pass specific, bar coded packages for more accurate, safer, and efficient administration and recording.

MillenniumConnect for Remote Locations

Nursing homes rely on their pharmacy for regular deliveries of medications to ensure that residents have the right drug, for the right person, at the right time. Reaching some nursing homes is often difficult due to remote locations or lack of proximity to a choice LTC pharmacy services provider. Now, you can get the full value of Millennium's advanced medication system, and superior pharmacy services, regardless of your location with our new mail order solution, MillenniumConnect™.

Clear Bill™

Millennium removes the burden of auditing and reconciling bills for contracted price compliance, formulary and quantity errors, and therapeutic changes. No longer do you or a hired billing service need to pour through paper to ensure that your organization is getting billed correctly or that the right therapeutic alternative was ordered and delivered. Millennium delivers Clear Bill™, a bill that is accurate and simple to read and review. An electronic version of Clear Bill™ is available through the Pharmacy Reports and Records Desk. Authorized staff has quick and easy access to current and past bills for more effective cost management.

Millennium Consultant Pharmacists

Millennium's Consultant Pharmacists combine extensive experience in the long term care industry with knowledge of facility-specific pharmacy policy and expertise in Millennium pharmacy services to ensure positive clinical, financial, and regulatory outcomes.

Fully compliant with all state and federal long term care regulations, our Consultant Pharmacists review each resident's drug regimen electronically, eliminating the manual, tedious tasks of reviewing paper documents. Because of this unique approach, our Pharmacy Consultants are able provide an unmatched level of personalized clinical care, spending more time with your residents and staff to identify potential clinical interactions and ensuring safe and appropriate medication utilization.

A key part of Millennium's commitment to resident care and responsiveness, our pharmacy consulting services are tailored to meet your specific clinical, procedural, and frequency-of-visit requirements.


  • Reduce patient per day drug expense by up to 30%
  • Dramatically reduce medication errors and order inaccuracies
  • Spend more time caring for patients and less time chasing down and resolving missing or inaccurate orders and bills.
  • Improve patient safety and significantly reduce time to prepare for your daily Med-Passes.