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Just-In-Time Dispensing

Just-In-Time Dispensing

With Just-in-Time Dispensing your patients have the right drug at the right time and your organization is not exposed to financial risk or administrative burden resulting from unused dispensed quantities.

Pharmacy services traditionally dispense medication in 30 day quantities. Some pharmacy services dispense medication in 15 day quantities but for Medicare Part A or managed care patients only. Waste, returns, multiple dispensing fees, and unnecessary expense are all too common.

Only Millennium dispenses in alternating 3 and 4 day quantities for all patient types. With Just-In-Time Dispensing, all of your patients have the medication they need, when they need it, and your facility is billed for much smaller quantities dispensed, significantly reducing your patient per day drug expense and virtually eliminating the burden of managing credits and returns.

Millennium's 3-4 day medication quantities are complemented by our In-House Pharmacy-an automated, self-service dispensing system located in your facility. Included with every pharmacy service, the In-House Pharmacy is stocked with up to 350 SKUs to meet immediate patient medication needs no matter the time or day.