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"My nurses love the system. It's incredibly easy to use and the transition from our old pharmacy service went extremely well. Millennium was there every step of the way and still is."

Director of Nursing


Millennium takes the risk and hassle out of switching pharmacy services and ensures your transition is smooth and efficient.

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Millennium Transition Services

Transition Services

Millennium takes the risk and hassle out of switching pharmacy services and ensures your transition is smooth and efficient. Incorporating the experience gained from hundreds of transitions, we create a detailed project plan specific to your organization. The plan outlines day-to-day activities, responsibilities, and the positive outcomes that result from executing the plan.

Each facility is assigned a Millennium transition team, led by a project manager who is accountable for the transition's success and responsible for organizing, coordinating, and executing transition activities.

Data Transfer

Moving data from one pharmacy service to another is the most common point of failure during a transition. Usually fraught with errors and frustration, the new pharmacy service can end up as just "more of the same." With Millennium's unique approach, issues are resolved, not inherited. Our approach catches any issues before going live, replacing records, medication, billing, and dispensing errors with quality, consistency, efficiency, and responsiveness.


Training on all of Millennium's pharmacy services and systems is included in the transition. Training for ordering, medication and treatment administration, reports management, customer service and support, billing, and business process management are included to ensure you get the most out of your new pharmacy service from day one.

We provide train-the-trainer classes at your locations and online training and tutorials to ensure that users have the level of comfort required to fully take advantage of Millennium's pharmacy services and systems. Online training classes and tutorials are continuously updated with regulatory, procedural, and feature changes so your staff is always current. These aids are also an excellent way to quickly train your new staff.

Installation and Set-up

The Millennium transition team works with your internal resources to ensure you are taking advantage of your Millennium pharmacy services and systems as quickly as possible. We also offer a turnkey solution if you don't have internal resources available. From an initial site survey through installation and ongoing maintenance, Millennium will install, test, and support your entire pharmacy system, including hardware, software, and network. We make it simple and straightforward and remove the burden, risk, and hassle of implementing a new pharmacy service.

Customer Care Beyond Transition

Millennium continues our focus on customer care well beyond the transition to a new pharmacy service. Every Millennium customer is assigned a Customer Advocate. Your Customer Advocate has extensive experience in the long term care industry and is an expert in Millennium pharmacy services. More than just a point of contact, the Customer Advocate is trained to provide you with guidance and expertise on how to get the most out of Millennium services, including how Millennium can positively impact your internal processes, help you better manage your facility, and more efficiently meet compliance demands. Customer Advocates also provide guidance on how to address the latest regulatory requirements with your Millennium services. They are responsible for assuring your issues are resolved as quickly as possible and your organization is up to speed on the latest features, service enhancements, and Millennium news.